February 24, 2018

Bodies have different reasons for weight gain. Author, Dr. Eric Berg, shares his views

Belly fat, also known as visceral fat is highly sensitive to stress and is under control of hormones. Dieting or the restriction of calories tends to increase stress activating that belly fat hormone called cortisol.

Everyone knows that exercise increases the burning of calories. However, exercise is a type of stress and workouts tend to add stress unless the intensity is low. You may be burning calories but very little fat calories. Instead, the type of calories you are burning are mostly sugar calories – triggering the cycle of cravings-binging-weight gain. This explains the eight months of treadmill with very little results in the midsection.
No one diet will work wonders for every body. Bodies have different reasons for weight gain, one to the next. There are exact reasons that cravings remain or become worse, why omitting certain foods won’t lose inches, and also why certain types of exercise won’t reduce weight at all. Dr. Eric Berg, 24-year-veteran chiropractor specializing in weight loss, has made breakthrough discoveries that isolate these reasons and principals and details them in his new book The 7 Principles of Fat Burning.

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