February 22, 2018

BDP 062 | 5 Reasons For My A1c Results and Paleo Diet Update

In this episode of the Blogging Diabetes Podcast I talk about my thoughts on my last two A1c results and what it made me think about. Also mixed in is an update on Symlin and how I don’t want to take on too much at once and let things get out of control.  From what I’ve heard about Symlin, combining it with a Paleo diet may not be the best choice at least to start.

I also get into a quick update about my Paleo diet and work with Kelly (dietician) from a few episodes ago.

Best of all, I list my top 5 reasons why my last two A1c tests came back the way they did and why they aren’t lower or higher.

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This week’s episode ends with a few items in the news and a shout out for the Big Blue Test and World Diabetes Day. I hope you enjoy the episode!


Run time: 37:17

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