January 23, 2018

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ANALYSIS: Trump’s rough 1st year is where similarity to Lincoln ends
Trump had a rough first year. That’s where his similarity to Lincoln ends. [more]
Brave 5-year-old boy donating bone marrow to little brother with cancer
Five year old boy from the U.K. will undergo bone marrow transplant for his younger brother. [more]
Louis Tomlinson gives $10G to sick girl confined to wheelchair
Former One Direction singer-songwriter Louis Tomlinson gave a generous gift to 9-year-old fan Rylee Sanford. [more]
Democratic Senator Talks Latest Negotiations Amid Shutdown
NPR's Michel Martin talks to Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin about the latest on the government shutdown and ongoing negotiations between Democratic and Republican senators. [more]
Women’s March On Washington: ‘We Are A Part Of America, So We Need To Be Out Here’
The second annual Women's March drew a wide range of ages and races to the nation's capital. The year since President Trump took office has given first-time and veteran marchers new reasons to attend.(Image [more]


How Zach the Chemist Lost Over 100 lbs
Meet Zach – a huge goober and nerd, and a formulation/polymer chemist. For you non-science nerds, this means Zach makes coatings for magnet wires and gets to play mad scientist at his job. I can’[more]
Player One: You are about to die.
Are you wasting your most valuable resource?  Imagine I told you today that you had a wallet with $1,000 in it. You could spend it on whatever or whoever you want. But you wake up again [more]
German City Gets Creative With Traffic Lights so Smartphone Users Never Have to Look Up
Smartphones aren’t just dangerous to use while driving; their use poses risks while walking, too. German pedestrians are known to strictly abide by traffic light warnings, even when no cars are on the road. [more]
Here Are The Best Moments From The New Anthony Weiner Doc On His Sexting Scandal
The most shocking thing about Weiner, the upcoming documentary on Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal and 2012 New York mayoral campaign, is how much access Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin (his wife, and Hilary Clinton’s [more]
Why You Should Eat More Walnuts
We know from earlier studies that walnuts are beneficial for heart health. New research from Yale now indicates that eating walnuts can prompt beneficial improvements in diets. Investigators recruited 112 people at high risk of diabetes ([more]
How Standing, Not Sitting, Benefits Health
We’ve heard a lot lately about the toll excessive sitting – at work, in traffic, at home in front of the TV or computer – can take on health. Now a study from [more]

Women's Health

Sunday News Round-Up, Conference Then Vacation Edition
First up, some recent posts from Our Bodies Our Blog: How Can We Help Teen Mothers Avoid and Cope With Postpartum Depression? – discussion of a study that tried to answer that question Study: IUDs Offer [more]
Midwifery and Abortion in Terry Pratchett’s “Equal Rites”
I just finished reading Terry Pratchett’s Equal Rites, and noticed several somewhat coded references to women’s reproductive health topics, and would love to know if other readers caught others. First up, “Old Granny [more]
4 Bachelorette Party Ideas Fit Brides Will Love
Forget Vegas. If you’re helping to plan a bachelorette party for a future Mrs. who loves staying active, celebrate her upcoming nuptials with a fitness-focused getaway. The best part: You’ll be able to [more]
Why It’s Crucial to Learn Healthy Habits
Some people make a beeline for potato chips or M&Ms when they feel stressed, but mental strain doesn’t have to trigger bad habits. In fact, you’re just as likely to cling [more]
FDA approves Plan B for girls 15 and older
U.S. health regulators on Tuesday lowered the age limit for Plan B One-Step emergency contraception, approving it for sale to girls as young as 15 and agreeing it will be available without a prescription and [more]

Health insurance

5 real-life life events that let you get Obamacare now
by Lauren Mandel and Adam Tock While you may have heard of Qualifying Life Events (QLEs) – the experiences that allow you to get health insurance outside of Open Enrollment – you may still be wondering how [more]
Know all the facts during World Immunization Week
by Lauren Mandel In 1955, a vaccine for polio was introduced, and the United States has been polio-free since 1979. Smallpox was eradicated in the United States in 1972, though enough vaccine exists to vaccinate every American if [more]
Seven facts about alcohol abuse
Alcohol abuse and alcoholism are a big problem everywhere. Almost everyone knows someone who has suffered with this disease or who may have struggled with it themselves. It’s common knowledge that alcohol abuse is [more]
Don’t let joint pain slow you down
Getting enough exercise to stay in – or get into – good shape is hard enough, but it can be especially difficult when you’re coping with joint pain. [more]

Dentistry News

AAO reminds families about changes in FSA rules
ST. LOUIS, Mo., USA: For families considering orthodontic treatment, using a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) has traditionally been a great way to help pay for treatment with tax-free dollars. These accounts, which are offered to [more]
Don L. Waters of Brasseler USA is inducted into Savannah Business Hall of Fame
SAVANNAH, Ga., USA: Brasseler USA Chairman, President and CEO Don L. Waters was officially inducted into the Savannah Business Hall of Fame at the 14th Annual Business Hall of Fame Gala, held Nov. 5 at the [more]
The commodore, the toothache court-martial, and Moby Dick
What do a court-martial over a toothache, a Navy commodore seemingly bent on (more) [more]
Study suggests link between perio disease and oral cancer
The oral-systemic link has become increasingly important as researchers have (more) [more]
Gum Disease May Cause Higher Risk of Asthma
People with gum disease need to make sure their condition doesn’t lead to other health problems—like asthma. A new study that appeared in the Journal of Periodontology indicates that people with gum [more]
Tooth Loss Could Prove to be Health Disaster
A recent study showed tooth loss could be disastrous for a person’s overall health. Researchers from Newcastle University in the United Kingdom determined that participants in a recent study (all of whom suffered [more]